What is GFRC

In making counter tops and other concrete products you will hear the term GFRC used and it simply mean glass fiber reinforced concrete. But what does that mean to the end user, it means a lot really. The specialness about glass fiber in concrete really comes down to how completely reinforced the concrete is. I’ll give you and example for every 100 lbs. of GFRC there is 3 lbs. of fiber, in regular fiber reinforced concrete there is 1 lb. to 3000 lbs. of concrete or 3% versus 3 thousandths of a percent. With that much reinforcement we can overcome many of the short comings of regular concrete, like cracking and the need for very thick and heavy slabs. GFRC is structurally strong at just 3/4 of an inch thick. As a test I loaded a 1 inch thick sample piece to 500 lbs. with no cracking or any signs of damage. This also makes GFRC concrete more eco friendly as less materials are needed to preform the same task. So we use this concrete to make our counters to be the highest quality possible. Adam Knoblauch Precision & Decorative Concretes